Land of Saints Wine Company Rosé

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Winemaker: Angela and Jason Osborne, Manuel Cuevas

Appellation: Santa Barbara County, California

Grape Varieties: Grenache, Mourvedre

70% Grenache, 30% Mourvédre, these two varietals were harvested, pressed and vinified individually, before coming together in tank as finished wine. Élevage was eleven glorious weeks.

“A little bit about the name Land of Saints – I hail from the county of Cornwall in Southwest England which has a rich and ancient history. Around 410AD the country entered a period known as the ‘age of the saints’ as holy people came and lived in this stunningly beautiful county.

In the following centuries over 70 of them left their name as a legacy to the land, as a result, Cornwall became affectionately known as the ‘Land of Saints’. I’ve always loved the name and on a more holistic view, I like the idea of a land filled with Saints… it would make for quite a place! After moving to California, I found a new Land of Saints (we counted 33 Sans and Santas). Golden, with open skies, and a friendship that will last a lifetime.”

– Jason Osborne, Land of Saints Wine Company


“Our focus is on this beautiful valley we call home. Varietals and sites will differ from year to year, intentionally. The three of us live on the Central Coast, and are forever amazed at how many sites provide so many differing expressions.

 The quote on the back label refers to an old Cornish saying (it sounds quite amazing when heard through Jason’s accent): What’s said of old, is said in truth. Applied to wine, this conveys our intentions to being true to where we are, and crafting honest expressions of this ancient golden land, in the year we find ourselves.”

– Angela Osborne, Land of Saints Wine Company