Le Petit Domaine Pays d'Hérault Titan

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Winemaker: Aurélien Petit

Appellation: Pays d'Hérault, Languedoc, France

Grape Varieties: Syrah, Carignan

The grapes were de-stemmed and underwent a maceration of around 3 weeks. From there, the wine was aged for 12 months in oak barrels that are between 5-8 years old. This wine is full and round, and possesses notes of white pepper, red fruits, and spices. Though a rich wine, it also has a freshness that keeps you wanting another glass. While it can be drunk now, it could also be kept for 10-15 years.

Aurélien operates a small (petit!) domaine around the town of Montpeyroux in Languedoc that is split into several small parcels, which total just over 11 acres (4.5 hectares).

Aurélien prefers to do all of the work manually in the vines and in the rare case of needing mechanical intervention, he limits the use of machinery to working the soil. Harvesting and sorting the grapes is done by hand. Only indigenous yeasts are used during fermentation and the wines are neither fined nor filtered.

The red grape varieties found here are typical of the south of France, in that he uses Carignan, Syrah, and Grenache. His white wines use Grenache Blanc, Chenin Blanc ( which is a rarity in this region), and also Terret-Bourret, a once common grape variety in Languedoc that is hardly grown anywhere else.

Aurélien's goal is to create wines that are fresh, full of fruit, and very drinkable. To him, a good wine is one that we want to drink, and then drink again, and it is this maxim that guides him in his winemaking!