Máquina & Tabla El Oso y La Alemana Tinto

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Winemaker: Oriol Illa and Susana Pastor

Appellation: Toro, Spain

Grape Varieties: Tinta de Toro, Black Grenache

El Oso y la Alemana Tinto is a red wine with barrel ageing from the Toro area, made with Tinta de Toro and Black Grenachevarieties by the Máquina & Tabla winery.

Máquina & Tabla is a project by Oriol Illa and Susana Pastor. Oriol is the winemaker. He has worked in emblematic wineries such as Clos Mogador, and currently advises Vinya l'Hereu, Heretat Montrubí, El Jelipins and Prieto Pariente. Susana is devoted to communication, and they undertook this project together in 2012. 

The Tinta de Toro vineyard for El Oso y la Alemana Tinto is very old and is planted un-grafted; I.e., the plants are a single individual and not a graft-pattern combination as they are in most vineyards. In addition, the El Oso y la Alemana Tinto vineyards are cultivated following biodynamic principles. 

The grapes for El Oso y la Alemana Tinto come from the Toro area in Zamora, but the wines do not have the Toro D.O. because they are produced outside the denomination.

To vinify El Oso y la Alemana Tinto the harvest is performed manually, the grapes are destemmed and are then incubated for two weeks. Fermentation is carried out with the grape’s own native yeasts. Once the fermentation is finished, the wine is aged for 12 months in 500 litre French oak barrels. Very large barrels are used so that the contribution of wood from the barrel does not mask the wine’s aromas. A total of 12,000 bottles are produced.

El Oso y la Alemana Tinto is a fine, delicate and elegant wine, quite different from most Toro red wines.