Mexicat Raicilla

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Raicillero: José Salcedo

Appellation: Jalisco, Mexico

Varieties: Maximiliana

Mexicat Raicilla is a clay-oven roasted raicilla that is hand-distilled using 100% agave Maximiliana. Mexicat uses an igloo-shaped clay oven. They build a big fire inside and let it burn until the wall of the oven is very hot. They then rake out the embers and seal the agaves inside for 2 days; a batch is 3.5 tons. Fermentation is by wild yeasts in 200-liter tinas and takes 5-8 days. Mexicat’s José Salcedo, a third-generation raicillero, double-distills in a copper-lined pot.

Mexicat is a brand based in Guadalajara, Jalisco. In addition to mezcal, they have a Mexicat tequila, wine, beer, sotol, and raicilla. While the brand is based in Jalisco, their spirits and other products are curated from throughout Mexico.