Pax Vermentino

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Winemaker: Pax Mahle

Appellation: The Bench Vineyard, Clements Hills, California

Grape Varieties: Vermentino

Vermentino is the great white wonder of Coastal Europe. Best known for producing high acid, fleshy, refreshing wines coming out of the sun-drenched coast of Italy. Some would argue that is almost as well known for the denser, skin fermented versions from the warmer Italian interior or the exotic well delineated versions from Sardegna or Corsica. Everyone can agree, whatever the style, the wines are always fresh, lively, and delicious. We looked to the sandy sun-drenched dunes of Clements Hills to produce a wine that made us crave shellfish, steep cliffs, and a gorgeous coastline. The sandy soils proved us right.

Tasting Note:
Lemon Curd, lime zest and salty minerals frame the understated aromas of this zesty white. More weight on the palate than the nose lets on with some pretty Bosch Pear and kefir lime flavors that lead into some creamier lemon chiffon and salty minerality on the finish. This will no doubt gain richness as it rests in the bottle, but its precision and delineation are delicious now.

Pax and Pam moved to wine country in 1997 to create a lifestyle that involved working with wine. After a few years of tasting and sourcing wine from all over California, Pax finally found a vineyard in which he felt a kismet connection. Alder Springs Vineyard was the site and subsequently led to the launch of the PAX brand in 2000.

The Mahles made a bold choice by favoring the “untapped potential"  of the Syrah grape. Their entire lineup of wines came from cool climate vineyards in  Sonoma County and Mendocino. These wines were big, rich expressions of Syrah that went on to be highly sought after. As a result, Pax quickly became established as one of California’s premier producers of Syrah.

Presently, Pax Wines has evolved to include new and exciting varieties in addition to Syrah. This includes Trousseau Gris, Chenin Blanc, Gamay Noir, and Mission, along with a host of others recently planted. 

At Pax Wines winemaking is approached holistically. This is done by taking care to use only grapes that are grown without the use of chemicals and by hand making their wines with as little intervention as possible. As a result, all of their wines are crushed by foot and hand, and fermented using only natural yeasts. To taste these wines visit the urban winery and tasting room in the outdoor Barlow market in downtown Sebastopol.