Terres de ROA IGP Val de Loire Reflet d'Âme 2019

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Winemaker: Luc, Claudine, and Loren Tisserand

Appellation: Saint Pourçain, France

Grape Varieties: Pinot Noir

The wines of Terres de ROA are a great representation of the recent resurgence of quality winemaking found in Auvergne. Until very recently, they were the only organic producer in the entire appellation! This wine is powerful and complex, with peppery notes and a warming mouth feel. The wine would work great with meat, such as a grilled steak, duck breast cooked in the frying pan, guineafowl or turkey, and jugged rabbit (civet de lapin). We would recommend opening and/or decanting the wine a few hours before serving.

Saint Pourçain has been well known since the middle ages and commonly found its place on the tables of kings- in fact, in the 13th century and as late as the late 19th century, the white wines of Saint Pourçain where considered among the best in France!

The Tisserand family can currently count themselves as the only winemakers in the appellation of Saint-Pourçain that are certified organic. They received their certification in 2009. 

They work with well known grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Chardonnay (the border of Burgundy is just over 20 miles away after all!), but they also use Tressalier, a dry white grape variety, said to have originated in northern Burgundy. Less than 200 acres of Tressalier are grown worldwide!

The Tisserands possess two different terroirs- one that is sandy (brings a freshness to the wines) and one that is with granite and limestone (which brings minerality and body in the wines). No pesticides are used, no synthetic products are added to the wines, only indigenous yeasts are present, and the amount of sulfites added never is more than 2g/liter.