Troon Pet tanNat

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Like dry wine? Than our Pét tanNat is for you! This is a true ultra-brut sparkling wine. The term pét nat is short for pétillant naturel, more formally known as Méthode Ancestrale. Simply, this is an ancient way of making sparkling wine. You start the fermentation in tank, then bottle quickly when there is just a bit of sugar left. That sugar continues to ferment in the bottle and voila - you’ve got sparkling wine. These are very natural wines, so while not being as refined as Champagne, they more than make up for it with pure zest and fun. We produced our pét nat from 100% Estate Tannat, which explains the little word play we could not resist naming it Pét tanNat. We harvested our tannat slightly early, then immediately whole-cluster pressed into a stainless steel tank. There, the juice started fermenting using only our native yeasts. Then it was bottled under crown cap, where it fermented over the winter. We then disgorged the wine, which means it is less cloudy than many pét nat wines. Our 2019 Pét tanNat is more refined and elegant than most wines made in this style. While being bone-dry, it is almost creamy on the palate with a lovely yeastiness already showing in the wine. Serve our Pét tanNat in exactly the same situation and for the same reasons you would serve Champagne. It’s a celebration in a bottle!