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Subject to Change Open Hand Ranch "FKA - Real Heads Will Know” Merlot, Chardonnay & Pinotage
Winemaker: Alex Pomerantz
Appellation: Mendocino County, California
Grape Variety: Chardonnay,  Pinotage,  Merlot
Open Hand Ranch is a 10 acre, family-run organic vineyard and farm planted in the 80s. Surrounded by oak trees and a diverse landscape of native plants, fruit trees and other vegetation, biodiversity and regenerative farming practices are standard practice
The Chardonnay was made in the “reverse saignée” method: ½ of the fruit was added to a fermenter as uncrushed whole clusters and the other half is direct-pressed juice that’s pressed into those clusters and pumped over daily. This allows the juice to be in contact with the skins until dryness (3 weeks) thereby reducing both the amount of skins proportionate to the juice and, as a result, tannic extraction. The Pinotage was also made in the “reverse saignée” method, without pumpovers or punchdowns (dry cap). After a 10-day maceration in 2000L stainless steel tanks, the wine was pressed to tank, settled for a day, and spent 6 months in 225L neutral oak barrels. The foot-trod Merlot was ⅓ whole cluster, the other ⅔ was destemmed. After one week of dry cap, the wine was pressed to tank, barreled down for 6 months in 225L neutral oak. The 3 components spent 6 months in neutral barrels before racking and blending together in the bottling tank. As always, bottled unfined, unfiltered with no addition of SO2.
Subject to Change Olson Vineyard "Monster Party" Pét-Nat of Merlot
Winemaker: Alex Pomerantz
Appellation: Mendocino County, California
Grape Variety: Merlot
The Merlot at Olson Vineyard is farmed by David Rothschild and Dan Marioni of D. Marioni Wines (formerly Sonoma Mountain Winery). The 3 acre plot was planted in 1994. It's farmed organically with no till and has always practiced dry farming. The fruit was picked for freshness to make sure this sparkling wine retained the “snap-crackle-pop” that we love in many of the naturally made Lambruscos (a source of inspiration for this cuvée. The fruit was foot-tread whole cluster and left to macerate with no pump overs or punchdowns for 5 days. Once there was some nice color uptake and fermentation was underway, we pressed the fermenting juice to a stainless tank where it continued fermentation for two weeks. With around 17 g/L of residual sugar, the tank was chilled for one month to arrest fermentation and settle heavy solids. The wine was racked off of the solids, naturally warmed up to ambient temp and bottled. After eight months in bottle the wine has a beautiful fizz, a touch of residual sugar which nicely balances the tannin and fruit. As always, bottled unfined, unfiltered with no addition of SO2.
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