Unified Ferments Qi Dan

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 Descended from one of the oldest cultivars in China’s Wuyi Mountain region, Qi Dan, aptly named “mystery red”, embodies the volcanic mineral redolence, piquancy, and curiously long finish this region’s teas are prized for. Our ferment expresses the uniquely tangy spice of the region and developes notes of plum, resinous hardwoods and a cremant-like savoriness during fermentation. Qi Dan pairs excellently with thoroughly aged cheese, roasted game meats, glaucous salad, or anything dense, deep and layered.

Our company lives at the intersection of two culinary wisdom traditions: tea production and fermentation. Both practices have a lineage which extends deep into prehistory, and both represent an innately symbiotic relationship between humans and their surroundings. In bringing them together, we have a class of non-alcoholic fermented beverages that defies the term “kombucha.” Unlike most people fermenting tea, we believe the tea matters. We use the chemistry of kombucha fermentation to unpack and translate the world of tea and the stories each tea tells. In doing so, we present a non alcoholic offering that sits comfortably in stemware. With more and more people seeking to reduce alcohol in their lifestyle, or just hoping to get more of a metabolic pick-me-up from their wind-down, we find ourselves happily embraced by a movement to drink better - we gladly accept the challenge.