WTF is Natural Wine?

Great question!  Natural wine does not have (as of yet) a clearly defined set of guidelines or regulations.  Well, just recently in France, the Natural Wines Union came up with the term ‘vin méthode nature’ to label natural wines, and the regulations state that the wine has to be produced from hand-picked grapes from certified organic vines and made with indigenous yeast.  This classification is not yet official, and no regulatory bodies in any other country have adopted similar guidelines.  

That leaves it up to us to decide what Natural Wine means to Big Mood.  Above all, the farming practices come first.  All of our wines (like 99%) are from small family owned/operated farms that have a commitment to using organic and/or biodynamic farming practices.  In keeping with these farming practices, the farmers/winemakers we choose to stock our shelves with do not use synthetic petrol-chemicals in their fields (no Monsanto/Bayer herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides).  Secondly, these beautiful winemakers do not add anything to their wines to correct for color, texture, flavor, acidity, or sweetness.  Boom.  Did you know that conventional winemakers have been using additives to enhance their wines for years now?  Probs not due to the lack of transparency in the wine industry.  Well, we here at Big Mood have committed to researching every bottle that we bring into the store to ensure that they meet our standards.