Blood of Gods #6 Fall/Winter 2022 Zine

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Cover-to-cover 56 newsprint pages of Wine and Metal. Reviews, interviews, features and fun.

All original artwork from comic book, tattoo artists, and designers such as Mark Rudolph, Jorge Corona, Scott Flanders, Pam Wishbow, and many more. Features with Charles Smith, Ovum Wines, and a 'Heavy Metal + Wine Tattoo Flash Sheet,' and more! Including musicians: Greg Anderson (Sun 0))), Southern Lord Records), and Trauma Bond with contributions from Chefs/James Beard regulars Chris Duffy and Mike Easton, Master Of Wine Bree Stock, along with June Rodil plus a legion of other Master Somms... and, you know what... Just buy this thing already! $5.00 includes a copy of the Fall/Winter '22 issue, BoG sticker, and a double-sided, fold out color poster.