Côme Isambert Lotto Fruits

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Winemaker: Côme Isambert

Appellation: Saumur, Loire Valley, France

Grape Varieties: Pears, Strawberries, Raspberries

Côme has been making pear cider for many years, but it has only been a couple of years since he had the idea to macerated some raspberries and strawberries together with his cider! Considering the strawberries make up only a small part of this beverage, both fruits make their presence known. This cider drinks like a lambic beer: tart, refreshing, and very dry. One can do all sorts of fun pairings with Lotto Fruits. While great on its own, it would work well with a charcuterie or cheese course, and would be quite enjoyable with a dish that features fresh strawberries and raspberries.