Faccia Brutto Centerbe Giallo

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Maker: Patrick Miller

Officially introducing Centerbe Giallo Riserva, a mellow and herbaceous liqueur with well-integrated flavors that brings a subtlety and softness to cocktails or sings beautifully on the rocks.

We took a chance and let our beloved Centerbe rest in used white wine barrels for a full year. Then, we allowed that liquid to develop in stainless steel tanks for another six months while we tweaked the base with further infusions and tinctures. Limited run of 66 cases this time around - Faccia Brutto

Made from twenty botanicals, all either herbs, leaves or seeds, half fresh and half dried - this is Bruto's take on a classic Italian bittersweet elixir, somewhere in-between Chartreuse and Genepy. The medicinal notes are balanced with the freshness of the ingredients, like walking through the clear alpine mountains. Available in limited quantities.

The liquors are crafted by Patrick Miller, formerly of Rucola Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. Prior to opening Rucola, he worked for 14 years at restaurants around the world. He grew up in an Italian family in Los Angeles and was strongly influenced as a child by his Italian mother and grandparents for whom the Fernet (Pianta) and Amaro (Gorini) are named.