Seed to Surf Enoki Mushroom Snow Crab (Vegan)

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With that magical combination of tender, salty, and sweet, our Enoki Mushroom Crab is love at first bite. Enjoy in rice bowls or ramen, fry up a mushroom crab cake, or squeeze some lemon and eat it straight from the tin – it’s that good.

Ingredients:Celeriac, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Seaweed (Konbu/Kelp), Natural Flavours, Lactic Acid

Seed to Surf is a plant-based, conserva-style seafood company that launched out of Toronto, Canada in 2022. We aim to reimagine the seafood experience, creating a flavorful seafood product that mimics the experience of tinned fish, but is made from whole vegetables. We don’t like to think of our product as a compromise; instead, we offer a fresh reinterpretation of seafood that highlights the limitless potential of plants. We're co-founded and led by aspiring marine biologists, long-time vegans and passionate conservationists that believe whole-heartedly in our product, what we stand for, and its unlimited potential. Our product is shelf stable, keto, gluten-free, zero-waste and require low energy to store; further, we’re sustainable and vegan/plant-based, and have incredible flavour versatility. We’re looking forward to sharing our products with you!