Domaine Jean-Louis et Fabienne Mann Mouton Bleau Sylvaner

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Wine Region: Alsace

Classification: AOP Alsace Sylvaner

Grape Varieties: Sylvaner

Vintage: 2017

Soil Type: granite, limestone

Aging: stainless steel vats on the lees for 12 months

Average Vine Age: 43 years

Alcohol by Volume: 14%

Serving Temperature: 50 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit (10-12 Celsius)

Total Vineyard Area: 17 Hectares, or 42 Acres

Wine Pairings: white meats, mushroom risotto, cheese course

When to drink: Now- 2023

Method of Production: Biodynamic

This 100% Sylvaner is at the same time fruity, crisp, and presents a beautiful
minerality. The grapes are pressed very slowly and delicately. Fermentation takes
place only using indigenous yeasts and the wine is aged on the lees for one year
before bottling. This wine could work well with a cheese course, risotto with wild
mushrooms and Parmesan, veal, and poultry.