Field Recordings Clouds

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Winemaker: Andrew Jones

Location: Paso Robles, California

Varities: Colombard, Peaches

You might be wondering ... wtf is CLOUDS?? On the late afternoon of Feb. 10, Randy, Jamil and I sat on the curb in front of Silverlake Wines for a casual chat on all the things ... Randy’s curiosity, which is always piqued, brought up the question: "Why don’t we use fruit besides grapes for wine? Why can’t we make some fruit wines?"

Without getting too much into the weeds, I mentioned I’ve worked with a bunch of fruit types. Some work better than others, but we can make some cool stuff with fruit. It’s cider-making, essentially. I used to make a ton of that stuff in my former life as a partner in a cider-mak- ing venture in Tin City. One of my favorite things to work with was peaches, and I happen to have a good organic source.

Randy and Jamil were stoked on us making a the test batch ... Randy’s memorable parting words that afternoon — “Make it glow!” — resonated as I drove back that evening. We used a batch of our Salad Days sparkling wine base, aka “vin clair,” re-fermented with some organic peaches.