Gruvi Bubbly Rosé

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Our rosé is fruity on the nose, and pours a light pink hue. Tiny, effervescent bubbles compliment notes of tart, green apple alongside fresh strawberry. This refreshing wine is gluten free, alcohol free and only 60 calories per bottle.

Grüvi is a small, family owned company based in Denver, CO. We brew craft, non alcoholic beer and wine so that everyone can enjoy a tasty adult beverage, regardless of alcohol content. Our beers are brewed with the same ingredients as any other craft beer, but with a fraction of the calories and alcohol. We strive to offer better options for those who choose not to drink. At Grüvi, we envision a world where we don’t always feel inclined to drink in a social setting, and a world where everyone can feel comfortable, regardless of what’s in their cup. Our mission is simple- help others be healthy and stay social, one sip at a time.