La Vrille et Le Papillon La Tribu Carbonic Grenache

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Winemaker: Méryl and Géraldine Croizier

Appellation: Ardèche, Rhône, France

Grape Varieties: Grenache

Tasting Notes: light peppery nose, red fruit, light tannins

Method of Production: Organic 

Ardèche is one of France's lesser-known regions, situated west of the Rhône River and north of Provence. Some exciting winemakers are working here, and Méryl and Géraldine Croizier of "La Vrille et le Papillon" can certainly be counted among them. The grape clusters are left whole during the fermentation process. The wine undergoes carbonic maceration for one week. This 100% Grenache is very easy to drink and well balanced