Seed to Surf Celery Root Smoked Whitefish (Vegan)

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A modern twist on a forever favorite, Seed to Surf’s take on smoked whitefish combines the textural complexity of celeriac root, with that smoked fish umami you know and love. Rich, flaky and addictive— it’s amazing on salads, sandwiches and seacuterie boards.

Ingredients:Celeriac, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Seaweed (Konbu/Kelp), Natural Flavours, Lactic Acid

Seed to Surf is a plant-based, conserva-style seafood company that launched out of Toronto, Canada in 2022. We aim to reimagine the seafood experience, creating a flavorful seafood product that mimics the experience of tinned fish, but is made from whole vegetables. We don’t like to think of our product as a compromise; instead, we offer a fresh reinterpretation of seafood that highlights the limitless potential of plants. We're co-founded and led by aspiring marine biologists, long-time vegans and passionate conservationists that believe whole-heartedly in our product, what we stand for, and its unlimited potential. Our product is shelf stable, keto, gluten-free, zero-waste and require low energy to store; further, we’re sustainable and vegan/plant-based, and have incredible flavour versatility. We’re looking forward to sharing our products with you!