Weon Carignan

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Winemaker: David Marcel

Appellation: Maule, Chile

Grape Varieties: Carignan

This 100% un-oaked Carignan is all hand harvested from a 60+ year old vineyard in the Maule region of Chile on granite soils..

Try this red wine with a bit of a chill on the bottle.  Super duper easy going red wine.  No palate fatigue with this number!  Plenty of earthiness and dark berries to make this a great value to boot.

The name “Weon” is a reference to what might be the most ubiquitous word used in the Chilean culture.  It roughly means “Dude” or “Bro” but it’s used as a noun, a verb or an adjective in different settings.

David Marcel arrived to Chile fresh off the boat from France as a twenty-two year old winemaker hungry for new terroir. After graduating with a wine degree from Montplelier, David worked for large wineries producing significant quantities of wine while simultaneously falling in love with his Chileño bride. David eventually decided to make his home in Chile, and two decades later, began producing wines primarily composed of Pais and Carignan from some of Chile’s most prized heritage old vines. David is a force and one of the most generous humans we have ever encountered. He is not only a strong voice for Viña Maitia, but he is also a tireless advocate for the artisan winemakers of Chile and continues to lead a path for his contemporaries, typically putting himself after others. David’s wines are typically understated, extremely drinkable wines of great value.