Zajc Cvicek Full Circle Red

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Appellation: Dolenjska, south-east wine region Posavje, Slovenia

Grape Varieties: 85% Blaufrankisch (aka Modra Frankinja), 15% Gamay

Farming: Environmentally friendly. As minimal as needed, only with substances approved for sustainable farming.

Fermentation: Wild fermentation for 4 days (before the harvest a smaller quantity of most riped grapes are brought into cellar and left to start fermenting on its own, after that, the harvest begins and the grape must is put together with the wild fermentation starter to begin the main process of fermentation), 4 days of maceration under controlled temperature in stainless steel for richer development of color, flavors and aromas. Wine fermented using exclusively native yeast.

Bottling and Ageing: Matured in stainless steel. Bottled right before release.

Tasting Notes: Our idea behind FULL CIRCLE wines is to return to the ancient wine making traditions and old school wines our region was known for in the Middle Ages. Fermented with no added yeast and bottled without filtrations, these wines truly represent the terroir of Dolenjska.

Frankinja-Gamay is a fusion of indigenous Slovenian Frankinja (aka Blaufrankisch) and Gamay, a variety of French origin and is product of minimal intervention winemaking. The blend delivers aromas of red berries, plumbs, pepper, and on the palate,. the perfect balance of forest berry aromas and a soft texture bursting with freshness and youthful acidity.

Serve with a touch of chill and crush with skirt steak tacos, pork bbq, any sort of cheesy burgers, or refreshingly on its own.